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Podiatrists have an interest in autism or the autistic spectrum disorders for a number of reasons. First those who have autism have foot problems that need to be treated, so they need to be familiar with the behaviors of those with autism. Secondly, toe walking is common in those with autism, so if a child presents with toe walking, this needs to be considered in the differential diagnosis of the toe walking.

Thirdly, with the general interest of any health professional on the public health they need to be aware of the vaccination issues and the nonsense about this being the cause of autism!

The analysis of the gait in autism can give important clues and can even be used to identify autism. The are plenty of disussions on podiatry websites about autism.

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The Windlass Mechanism

The windlass mechanism of the foot has been getting more attention over recent years and its role in normal foot function and pathological foot function.



There are plenty of discussions on the windlass mechansim on the web (for example) and videos about it. The windlass mechanism is the way the foot can support itself, so if it is not functioning properly, a range of different conditions can occur. For more, see this


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Skechers Toning Shoes FTC Settlement

Skechers toning shoes recently became of hot topic on podiatry sites due to the settlement that they made with the FTC for $40 million:


If Skechers thought they weren’t going to possibly lose their multiple lawsuits, then they wouldn’t be shelling out $40,000,000.00. It’s always a delight to see when these shoe companies who make unsubstantiated marketing claims get hit right where it hurts them most…..in their wallets! More from Podiatry Arena

There has been a lot of interest in the blogosphere about the settlements with the Federal Trade Commission in the USA and the number of class action law suits filed against brands in the fitness or exercise shoe category of footwear. Reebok settled with the FTC for $25 million. Skechers are facing a number of class action suits and just settled with the FTC for $40 million. Vibram Five Fingers are facing a class action case. None of the class action cases have been settled yet and both Reebok and Skechers are still denying any liability but settled with the FTC to avoid protracted hearings and the uncertainty associated with that. Vibram FiveFingers have indicated that they will vigorously defend the class action. More From Professor of Life



Skechers continue to deny any liability and settled as it was a better alternative for the company to move forward. They are still facing a number of class action suits.


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